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Enhancing the values of cosmetic materials
through our technologies
─ Liposomal encapsulation, freeze-drying,
vitamin B6 derivatives

Liposomes are microcapsules formed by phospholipids, the main component of biological membranes.
Liposomes are excellent carriers with biocompatibility and degradability in the human body. Therefore, liposomal encapsulation adds the following benefits to cosmetic ingredients.

①Insoluble ingredient → Soluble and easy handling
②Unstable ingredient → Stable
③Low penetrative ingredient → Higher penetration

Our liposomes have a multilamellar structure, at only 1/500 the size of skin cells. With these features, they have excellent skin affinity and can be expected to pass through the epidermal barrier and gradually release encapsulated cosmetic ingredients in the stratum corneum. Also, we can manufacture freeze-drying liposomes.
We provide liposomal encapsulation and freeze-drying products as a contract manufacturing service.
Panadoxin®P is a vitamin B6 derivative that we developed and patented. Vitamin B6 is unstable to heat and light, but it is stabilized by derivatization. We conducted various human studies, and now Panadoxin®P is formulated into various cosmetic products worldwide.
Our technologies of liposomal encapsulation, freeze-drying, and vitamin V6 derivatives lead to a healthier, more beautiful you.


Our liposome's electron microscopy images


Filling operation with the dispensing machine


Charging the freeze dryer