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  2. CSV/SDGs


Kyowa Pharma Chemical's business is
to protect the lives of patients (customers)
and enrich their lives.
We contribute to the sustainable development of
society through initiatives that reflect society's expectations.


We promote business activities that incorporate SDGs concepts in four priority areas: health, local communities,
environment, and working style.

Social Issues


Safety and

7 エネルギーをみんなに そしてクリーンに 13 気候変動に具体的な対策を 15 陸の豊かさも守ろう
  1. We continue efforts to conserve energy at manufacturing facilities
  2. We aim to reduce GHG emissions by at least 55% from 2019 levels
     (Aim for RE100 by 2030)
  3. We aim to reduce energy consumption (calculated as crude oil) by half


3 すべての人に健康と福祉を 9 産業と技術革新の基礎を作ろう
  1. We provide high-quality pharmaceuticals to patients in a
    timely manner
  2. We promote health and productivity management


11 住み続けられるまちづくりを 12 つくる責任 つかう責任
  1. We build relationships with local community groups,
    such as cleaning activities around the plant

Safety and Environmental Initiatives


In terms of safety and environmental initiatives, we have created the "Safety and Environmental Management Manual" under our "Safety and Environmental Policy." Management and all employees comply with laws and regulations to conduct safety and environmental activities.
In terms of the environment, our main plant obtained "ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Certification" in January 1999. In each process of product development, manufacturing, and sales, we are working to reduce emissions by recycling waste materials that have an environmental impact. Also, we are working to conserve resources and to use FSC certified paper and recycled paper for office paper.
Our environmental policies are in accordance with the "Kirin Group Environmental Vision 2050 Policies" of Kirin Holdings. We will continue to develop group-wide activities to realize this policy.
In terms of safety, we are working to eliminate occupational accidents not only for our own employees but also for employees of partners companies, mainly through risk assessments.


Efforts to Reduce Energy Consumption

We fall under "Type-1 Designated Energy Management Factory" based on the "Energy Conservation Act" and consume a lot of energy (such as city gas and electricity). With the goal of improving energy consumption efficiency by an average of 1% or more per year, we are working on energy management based on legislation, daily energy conservation activities, regular meetings of energy conservation committees composed of individual workplace energy conservation responsible persons, and the formulation and implementation of medium- to long-term measures.

Efforts to Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG)

We are working toward the goal of reducing GHG emissions by 55% or more from 2019 levels by 2030.
Also, we are working to obtain the goal of RE100 by 2030*1).

Main Activities

  1. Replace fuel for steam boilers
  2. Reduce energy consumption by developing new manufacturing methods
  3. Purchase electric power from renewable energy sources
*1) Initiatives in which companies aim to cover 100% of the electricity used by their own operations from renewable energy sources

Health and Productivity Management Initiatives

Through the health and productivity management that we promote, we aim to "improve productivity," "increase corporate value," "improve physical and mental health," and "enhance work and life" by creating an environment in which each and every employee can grow and demonstrate their abilities.
Through collaboration with the health insurance society (collaborative healthcare), we share the direction of initiatives and work toward the realization of a healthy, high-quality, and prosperous life. Since 2022, we have been working on health and productivity management under a new activity goal, "ACE-KPC Activity 2027".

※KPC is an abbreviation for Kyowa Pharma Chemical.

Relationship with Local Communities

Interaction with Neighbors

As initiatives to contribute to the local community and deepen our ties with local residents, we sponsor and hold an annual kickball tournament by inviting neighborhood children to participate. We also deepen our relationship with the local community by participating in and sponsoring neighborhood association events and greeting residents each season.


Cleanup Activities

Toyama Prefecture is working on "Plus One Action," a voluntary environmental conservation initiative with companies in the prefecture to protect the beautiful Toyama Bay. We support this activity and conduct cleanup activities around our offices twice a year.