CSR / Environmental Safety
We are engaged in a variety of efforts by
recognizing our corporate social responsibility as a pharmaceutical drug substance manufacturer.

Kyowa Pharma Chemical is dedicated to health through the supply of pharmaceutical drug substances, and thus recognizes our huge corporate social responsibility to patients, the local community, and the global environment. With patient safety as paramount, we are engaged in the supply of high-quality products and a variety of other efforts.

For instance, as an initiative to contribute to the local community and deepen our ties with local residents, we sponsor and hold an annual kickball tournament by inviting neighborhood children to participate.

Moreover, we established the Environmental Safety Management Manual under our Environmental Safety Directive for initiatives for environmental safety, and the management and employees as a whole comply with environmental safety-related regulations in order to continue efforts to reduce the environmental burden associated with our business activities and provide employees with a safe and comfortable workplace.

In terms of the environment, we obtained ISO 14001 Management System certification in January 1999, and thereby committed to the prevention of environmental pollution and the conservation of natural resources in every process, including product development, manufacturing, sales, and distribution. As a result, we achieved zero emissions* of waste products in 2012.

In the area of safety, we are engaged in eradicating occupational accidents by involving not only the employees of our own company, but also those of our partners, primarily based on risk assessments.

* We define the term as our efforts to reduce the final landfill to 0.1% of the waste products generated from our activities.