Contract Manufacturing / Production Facilities
Contract manufacturing achieves
the production of high-quality
pharmaceutical ingredients at
low cost with a short interval
from order to delivery through a consistent
production structure that complies
with global quality standard.

Kyowa Pharma Chemical utilizes our own unique chiral technology, such as enzymatic methods, asymmetric syntheses, and optical resolution, and thereby manufactures pharmaceutical ingredients. We also undertake contract manufacturing of investigational drug substances under development.
In order to ensure the stable supply of high-quality pharmaceutical ingredients at low cost, we utilize all of our manufacturing technologies, including the design and engineering of production facilities for plant structuring.
The consistent production structure at our multipurpose plants allows us to achieve not only efficient process streamlining, but also enables flexibility to meet needs ranging from “the ton to the gram level,” namely from large volume batch production to small-size manufacturing of multiple types of products.
Our various production facilities, with an established flexible production system will responsively satisfy the demand for wide-scale manufacturing having earned many client accolades.
Further, we have well-organized control structures that meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and global quality standards enabling us to satisfy client demands in all aspects of quality, cost and delivery.

Manufacturing plant and equipment

We offer an integrated production system capitalized on comprehensive manufacturing
technology to achieve both high production efficiency and environmental conservation.

We work with our theme to achieve a stable supply of better quality products at more reasonable cost, and we own the plant that can offer total manufacturing techniques, including engineering technology, for our clients. We constructed a full length manufacturing system in a single plant. This allows streamlining of the production system and enhancement of production efficiency. Our plant employs the Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) to meet a range of needs from high-volume batch production methods to small multiple productions. With all these, our service meets the variety of aspects of quality, cost, and speed.
In addition, we accept the challenge of environmental conservation, a societal mission of manufacturers, and our primary efforts include energy saving on the production lines and the introduction of a recycling system, as well as the use of activated sludge equipment, wastewater treatment plants, and water cleaning systems. In pursuit of green chemistry to reduce the burden on the environment by working to save resources, we act as an environment friendly business. We acquired the international standard, ISO 14001.