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Supplying prostaglandins
at global quality standard.

Prostaglandins have a variety of physiological effects.
The compounds have been used for many applications, including delivery oxytocic and ophthalmic solutions for lowering intraocular pressure. We embarked on synthetic research and development of prostaglandins from the 1970s, and now we supply our drug substances to pharmaceutical companies around the world, primarily in the United States.
Prostaglandins are compounds of unstable and highly complex structures, and thus it is vital to possess highly sophisticated technologies and knowledge for the manufacturing and handling of these compounds. Over the years, we have cultivated our own unique chiral technologies, including enzymatic methods, asymmetric synthesis, and optical resolution, and eventually established a technology to achieve the mass synthesis of Corey lactone, a key intermediate for prostaglandins. We are currently manufacturing a variety of prostaglandins.
Kyowa Pharma Chemical continues to improve manufacturing methods, as well as the enhancement of new lineup development under a control system that meets global quality standards, and to assure the company’s commitment to a stable supply of drug substances that contribute to human health around the world.