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We develop API manufacturing methods using advanced organic synthesis technologies. We are striving to develop new technology not only using already established methods.

Prostaglandin Products:
We can manufacture prostaglandin derivatives from corey lactone by our original manufacturing methods.

Organic Synthesis Technology:
We can manufacture substances with complex chemical structures or long and difficult synthesis processes under GMP control. Also, safety and environmental influence are considered in our manufacturing processes.
We also have synthesis technologies that use enzyme reactions together with organic synthesis. These methods are epochal to significantly shorten the long and difficult synthesis process and contribute to sustainable manufacturing operations.

Other Synthesis Technology:
We are studying to manufacture several supersulfides, and we have established the manufacturing methods. Supersulfides have various anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects, and these are getting much attention now.
Also, we have found innovative technologies that plant-derived carbohydrate chain works as a chemical catalyst. We continue applied research for the expression mechanism of catalytic property and bioactivity effects.

Liposome Technology:
We also focus on the cosmetics business. We are working on cosmetics product development for liposome-encapsulated products as the carrier of the drug delivery system (DDS). Also, we analyze and evaluate the effect of liposome-encapsulated products.
We are continuing research to provide products that can solve customer's problem like insoluble, instable, low permeability.

Actual Results

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Asymmetric amination of meso-epoxide with vegetable powder as a low-toxicity catalyst.
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Bioconversion of pyridoxine to pyridoxamine through pyridoxal using a Rhodococcus expression system
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A novel method of producing the key intermediate ASI-2 of ranirestat using a porcine liver esterase (PLE) substitute enzyme
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A novel method of producing the pharmaceutical intermediate (R)-2-chloromandelic acid by bioconversion
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